Bulwark Geotechnics

We provide geotechnical engineering services by undertaking planning and execution of comprehensive and varied range of ground investigations and appraisals of any development employing state-of-the-art design programs for design of the following:


•  Desktop studies to evaluate feasibility and planning of proposed projects
•  Site investigations for any development including centerline material surveys for rural and urban roads
•  Site investigations for centerline materials survey for pipelines
•  Ground improvement techniques
•  Design of Foundations in problematic soils (collapsible, heaving/expansive, dispersive soils)
•  Design of piled foundations
•  Deep excavations, retaining structures and lateral support
•  Numerical analysis
•  Dolomitic stability investigations and appropriate designs of Foundations in dolomitic conditions
•  Slope stability analysis and support systems
•  Supervision of borehole drilling
•  Materials investigations for linear projects (roads and pipelines)
•  Underground works investigations (tunnels, etc.)